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HVAC - R Egypt Expo - ASHRAE connects more than 70 national and international operators with different suppliers and prescribers profiles including architects, engineers, contractors, property developers and air conditioning fitters. ASHRAE is an exhibition of new technologies combined in the same platform.
Date: 11th - 13th April 2019
(Weekdays): From 11:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M
(Friday): From 1:00 P.M to 9:00 P.M
Place: Egypt International Exhibition Center
Duration: 3 Days
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Organizer: Cairo Expo
ASHRAE Cairo Chapter
Periodicity: Annual
Character: Professional
Entrance: Free
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Heating Systems


Cooling Products

Air Conditioning

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Exhibitors and visitors Profiles

HVAC - R Egypt Expo - ASHRAE is the unique trade-fair for the sector in Egypt, with a reputation nationally and internationally. It's an ideal platform to exchange experiences, analyze new trends, and find new business opportunities. The new edition of this event will definitely mobilize the entire sector. All major actors, either national or international, will be present to look for new partnerships.

Exhibitors' profile
  • Regulation, measuring devices and control
  • Air conditioning and air quality
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration
  • Ventilation
  • Heating and water systems
  • Domestic hot water supply ( gas, electricity, fuel )
  • Solar thermal
  • Radiators
  • Heat pumps, geothermal
  • Pumps, valves and health technologies
  • Energy marketers
  • Biomass Energy (wood energy, biogas)
  • Systems and products for home automation
  • Tools and installers solutions
  • Support, tubes, fixing, and conduit
  • IT, specialized software (thermal calculation, performance diagnostic, ... )
  • Press, banks, and professional organizations
Visitors' profile
  • Professional installers (heating, air conditioning, ventilation, pools, and saunas)
  • Consultants, control
  • Construction Professionals (engineers, architects, decorators and consultants)
  • Professional refrigerators and refrigerated transport
  • Food industry Professionals
  • Energy and alternative energy Professionals
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals / medicine / pharmacy
  • Supermarkets, shopping centers, industries
  • Offices and public services
  • Laboratories
  • End customers
  • Pumping / plumbing / tubes / plumbing fittings / valves
  • Test and measurement instruments and systems

Why Visit

Attending HVAC - R Egypt Expo - ASHRAE is important for the development of your business. The exhibition will provide you with relevant information to advance your business.

The advantages of your visit to HVAC - R Egypt Expo - ASHRAE:

  • Look for new products and services
  • The trade-fairs are known to be ideal places for product launches, and are an extremely effective way to keep up to date in a short space of time.
  • Compare products and/or services:
  • You can gather information about the competition concerning a wide range of products and suppliers in a short space of time. According to the U.S. Center for Exhibition Industry Research " (CEIR), decision-makers tend to choose the exhibitions more than any other channel as being extremely helpful in finding sources of information when it comes to making a purchase.
  • To follow the evolution of the industry and the market
  • Trade-fairs are excellent sources for new ideas and applications; therefore, play an important role in strategic planning and entrepreneurship.
  • Enlarge/ consolidate your contacts' network
  • Trade-fairs are the central point of the sector due to the fact that they attract a large range of stakeholders (buyers, sellers, professional associations and the press ...).
  • Seminars, social events, contests and awards which are a part of a joint program of activities that can be found in an event like ASHRAE
  • Make better buying decisions with attending exhibitors.
  • Make contact with international companies.
  • Consolidate business Relationship
  • Find new markets
  • Discuss issues / conditions / specific prices
  • Gain technical knowledge.
  • Discuss your business needs in a neutral environment.

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